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Welcome to The Classic Cars Online

Now a days, a number of people are seen to be crazy about the classic cars. Owning a vintage car has become a style statement. The Classic Cars Online is a favorite destination to the people who love vintage cars. This is one of the prior and best online classic cars site among all which offers its users full on information about the huge collection of classic cars online. The site provides detailed information about an wide range of classic car models with amazing looks. Besides, Classic Cars Online also offers a hassle free process of selling and buying cars online than the other sites.
Buying a Car:
The Classic Cars Online helps the buyers to buy their dream cars online by providing essential information about every car and its features. The buyers can choose their favorite cars according to their wish from a wide range of classic online cars Leases also available.
Selling a Car:
The Classic Cars Online also helps the sellers to sell their cars online through putting an advertisement with picture. The site is visited by billions of people on a regular basis. So, it becomes easier to sell your car. Besides, the anti scam technology and the unparallel customer service protects the sellers of classic online cars from the fraud buyers.
The classic cars available in Classic Cars Online are:
Auburn Speedster - This amazing looking car is one of the best seller among the classic online cars. Auburn Speedster was launched in the year 1937 for the rich Americans. That time it was the most extravagant car of America and only 500 pieces were made. The car has features like a twelve cylinder engine with 3783lbs weight and a awesome top speed of 108mph.
Buick Road master - IThis car was launched in America in the year 1949, after the second world war was ended. People appreciated its gorgeous look and soon it became their most favorite car. The best parts of Brick Road Master include a sophisticated engine with fluid management technology, 4370lbs weight and a top speed of 100mph.
Pontiac Bonneville - The car was invented in 1959. People started liking this model of Bonneville, as it was more sportier than its older counterparts. This model has some hand full of features like a low stand, 4233lbs weight, a top speed of 120mph and the wheels of this car are of 14 inches. The newly added feature of this car is its “Pontiac split grille.”
Triumph Spitfire - This gorgeous sports car model was launched in 1962. This car has features like “one piece lift up bonnet”, 1680lbs weight and a top speed of 97 mph.
Lincoln Continental Coupe - This masterpiece car was launched in the year 1975. The feature which separated this car from the other vintage cars is that it has a specially designed cabin to protect the rider from road noises. Besides, it has a top speed of 118mph and 5219lbs weight. Another feature of this car is that the headlights of this car are hidden behind vacuum operated boards.
BMW M5 - This classic car was launched in 1985. The built in facilities like a cross flow aluminum cylinder, a high confine ratio, 3420lbs weight and a top speed of 147mph has made this car most favorite.
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